Las Vegas is a city that is known for its extravagant entertainment, world-class casinos, and vibrant nightlife. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the incredible food scene, particularly when it comes to taco trucks. These trucks offer a plethora of delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine, which is why we have compiled a list of the best taco trucks in Las Vegas. From mouth-watering tacos to savory burritos, get ready to explore the tastiest offerings on wheels that this city has to offer.

Las Vegas, the Ultimate Destination for Taco Lovers

Las Vegas is known for many things: casinos, nightlife, and entertainment. But did you know that Sin City is also a mecca for taco lovers? Yes, you read that right! Las Vegas is home to some of the best taco trucks in the country, serving up delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine that will make your taste buds dance with joy. As a proud Mexican, I’ve made it my mission to explore every nook and cranny of this culinary wonderland, and today I’m excited to share with you my personal guide to the best taco trucks in Las Vegas.

The Criteria for the Best Taco Trucks

Before I dive into my top picks, let me share with you the criteria I used to evaluate each taco truck. First and foremost, the taste of the food had to be exceptional. I’m talking about tacos that are bursting with flavor, made with fresh ingredients, and cooked to perfection. Second, the menu had to be diverse, with a range of taco options to suit every palate. Finally, the service had to be friendly and efficient, with a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

#1. Tacos El Gordo

No list of the best taco trucks in Las Vegas would be complete without Tacos El Gordo. This iconic taco truck has been serving up authentic Mexican street food since 1998, and it’s still going strong today. The menu is simple but delicious, with a range of meats to choose from, including carne asada, adobada, and lengua. The tacos are served on homemade corn tortillas and topped with cilantro, onions, and a squeeze of lime. The lines can be long, but it’s worth the wait.

#2. Los Tacos

Another must-visit taco truck in Las Vegas is Los Tacos. This family-run business has been around for over a decade, and it’s easy to see why. The menu is extensive, with a range of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas to choose from. The standout item, however, is the al pastor taco. The meat is marinated in a secret blend of spices and slow-roasted on a spit, resulting in a succulent and flavorful taco that will leave you craving more.

#3. Taqueria El Buen Pastor

Taqueria El Buen Pastor is a hidden gem tucked away in a strip mall on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The menu is small but mighty, with a range of tacos, burritos, and tortas to choose from. The standout item, however, is the cabeza taco. This taco is made with tender, slow-cooked beef cheeks that are packed with flavor. The tortillas are homemade, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful. It’s a must-try for any taco lover.

#4. Tacos & Beer

If you’re looking for a taco truck with a twist, look no further than Tacos & Beer. This popular food truck specializes in fusion tacos, combining Mexican flavors with international cuisine. The menu changes regularly, but some standout items include the Korean BBQ taco, the Banh Mi taco, and the Peking duck taco. The portions are generous, and the flavors are bold and exciting. It’s a fun and unique dining experience that you won’t forget.

#5. Mariscos El Dorado

Last but not least, we have Mariscos El Dorado, a taco truck that specializes in seafood tacos. The menu is diverse, with a range of options to choose from, including shrimp, fish, and octopus tacos. The standout item, however, is the ceviche taco. The fish is marinated in lime juice and mixed with fresh vegetables and herbs, resulting in a light and refreshing taco that’s perfect for a hot day. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.

FAQs for Best Taco Trucks in Las Vegas

How can I find the best taco trucks in Las Vegas?

There are several ways to find the best taco trucks in Las Vegas. You can search for them on food websites or apps, such as Yelp or Zomato, and sort the results by ratings and reviews. You can also ask locals for recommendations or check social media pages and food blogs that focus on street food or local eats.

What are some popular taco trucks in Las Vegas?

There are numerous popular taco trucks in Las Vegas, each with their own unique flavors and specialties. Some of the most in-demand taco trucks in the city include Mariscos El Dorado, Tacos el Gordo, Taqueria El Buen Pastor, Los Compadres, and Los Tacos. These food trucks are known for their authentic Mexican flavors, fresh ingredients, and affordable prices.

What types of tacos can I expect from the best taco trucks in Las Vegas?

The best taco trucks in Las Vegas offer an assortment of taco variations, ranging from traditional Mexican-style tacos like al pastor, carnitas, and barbacoa, to fusion-inspired tacos like Korean beef, fish tacos, or vegan options. Most taco trucks also offer a range of toppings and sides to complement their tacos, such as salsa, guacamole, cilantro, onions, and lime.

How much do tacos cost at the best taco trucks in Las Vegas?

The price of tacos at the best taco trucks in Las Vegas varies depending on the type of taco, the toppings, and the location of the truck. On average, most taco trucks charge between $2 and $4 per taco, with some trucks offering special deals or discounts for multiple orders. Keep in mind that most taco trucks accept cash only, so make sure to have some on hand.

Where can I find the best taco trucks in Las Vegas?

The best taco trucks in Las Vegas are scattered throughout the city, with some of the most popular ones located in areas like downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District, or North Las Vegas. Some of the best locations to find taco trucks include local events, festivals, and outdoor markets, as well as popular food truck parks like Truck U Barbeque, Fergusons Downtown, and the Cornish Pasty Co.


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