, in this article we will be discussing taco trucks in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln is known for its diverse food scene, and food trucks have become a popular option for locals and tourists alike. However, we will specifically be exploring the world of taco trucks, which offer a variety of delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine on wheels. We will take a closer look at some of the top taco trucks in Lincoln and what sets them apart from the rest. With so many options to choose from, we hope to provide some guidance to those looking for their next tasty taco experience in Lincoln.

The History of Taco Trucks in Lincoln, NE

Taco trucks have become a staple in the Lincoln, NE food scene, but their history is often overlooked. These mobile kitchens have been around for decades, catering to those who crave authentic Mexican cuisine. In the early days, the trucks were often parked on street corners or in parking lots, serving as a quick and affordable option for hungry workers. However, over the years, the popularity of taco trucks has grown, and they are now a common sight at festivals, events, and even weddings.

The Rise of the Taco Truck

The rise of taco trucks can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s when Mexican immigrants began to settle in the United States. These immigrants brought with them their traditional culinary practices, including the art of making tacos. In the early days, taco stands were the norm, but as the demand for this delicious food grew, entrepreneurs began to explore the idea of taco trucks. These mobile kitchens were a great way to bring authentic Mexican cuisine to different areas of the city, and customers loved the convenience and affordability of these tasty treats.

The Best Taco Trucks in Lincoln, NE

If you’re looking for the best taco trucks in Lincoln, NE, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options to choose from, each offering its unique take on this classic Mexican dish. Here are just a few of the top taco trucks in the city:

One key takeaway from this text is that taco trucks have a long history in Lincoln, NE and have become popular due to the demand for authentic Mexican cuisine. There are many great taco trucks to choose from in the city, offering a range of traditional and fusion tacos. To find the best taco truck, it is recommended to ask for recommendations from locals, check online reviews, look for authenticity, and try something new.

La Mexicana Market

La Mexicana Market is a popular taco truck that serves up some of the most delicious tacos in the city. Their menu features a wide range of options, including traditional favorites like carne asada and al pastor. They also offer vegetarian options like bean and cheese tacos, making them a great choice for everyone.

Taco Loco

Taco Loco is another fantastic option for taco lovers in Lincoln, NE. This vibrant food truck serves up a range of delicious tacos, including their famous fish tacos, which are a must-try. They also offer a range of salsas and toppings, allowing you to customize your taco to your liking.

El Chaparro

El Chaparro is a family-owned taco truck that has been serving up delicious Mexican cuisine in Lincoln, NE for years. Their menu features a range of tacos, including their popular barbacoa tacos, which are slow-cooked to perfection. They also offer a range of sides, including chips and guacamole, making them the perfect choice for a quick and satisfying meal.

Tips for Finding the Best Taco Trucks in Lincoln, NE

If you’re new to the taco truck scene in Lincoln, NE, finding the best options can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect taco truck for you:

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find the best taco trucks in Lincoln, NE is to ask for recommendations from locals. Whether it’s your coworkers, friends, or family members, chances are they have a favorite taco truck in the city. Ask them for their recommendations and give them a try.

Check Online Reviews

Another great way to find the best taco trucks in Lincoln, NE is to check online reviews. Websites like Yelp and Google Maps offer reviews and ratings from customers, giving you an idea of what to expect from each truck.

Look for Authenticity

When it comes to finding the best taco trucks in Lincoln, NE, authenticity is key. Look for trucks that serve traditional Mexican cuisine and use fresh ingredients. This will ensure that you’re getting an authentic and delicious taco experience.

The Taco Truck

The Taco Truck is a newer addition to the Lincoln, NE food scene, but it has quickly become a fan favorite. This colorful truck serves up a range of tacos, including their unique Korean BBQ taco, which is a fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and Korean barbecue. They also offer a range of other fusion creations, making them a great choice for those who want to try something new.

Try Something New

Although traditional tacos are always a safe bet, don’t be afraid to try something new! Many taco trucks offer fusion creations that blend different culinary styles and flavors, creating a unique and delicious dining experience.

FAQs for Taco Trucks in Lincoln, NE

What are taco trucks?

Taco trucks are mobile food vendors that offer Mexican cuisine, typically sold from the back of a truck or van. They are a popular choice for people who want a quick, affordable meal that is packed with flavor.

Where can I find taco trucks in Lincoln, NE?

Lincoln has a thriving street food scene, and there are numerous taco trucks scattered throughout the city. You can often find them parked at popular locations such as parks, bustling intersections, and outside local businesses.

What kind of tacos can I expect to find at these trucks?

The tacos available at taco trucks are diverse, and you can find everything from traditional carne asada, al pastor, and chicken tacos to more exotic options such as fish or vegan tacos. Most tacos come with a few key ingredients such as protein, cilantro, onion, and a squirt of lime, but you can customize your order with additional toppings like avocado, salsa, or cheese.

Are taco trucks safe to eat at?

As with any street food vendor, it’s essential to exercise caution when eating at a taco truck. However, the vast majority of trucks in Lincoln are inspected regularly and follow strict food handling guidelines. You can check to see if a taco truck has a valid food handler’s permit by visiting the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s website.

How much do tacos from a taco truck cost?

The cost of a taco from a taco truck can vary depending on the type of taco and where you’re purchasing it. Generally, you can expect to pay between $2 and $5 per taco, which makes them an affordable option for lunch or dinner.

Can I order catering from a taco truck?

Yes, many taco trucks in Lincoln offer catering services for events such as weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. You can contact a taco truck owner directly to discuss catering options and pricing.


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